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The Puppy Professor best puppy training in Glen Ellyn, IL

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Pulling, Sniffing, Weaving...OH MY!

How to train a cooperative leash walk

One hour Zoom Workshop/$25

If you are curious about how much sniffing is allowed on walks, what to do if your dog pulls, what to do if your puppy won't leave your driveway to go on a walk and how to train your pup to walk without pulling, join us for this informative and practical look at loose leash walking. We will cover the best equipment to use, games to play to help your dog connect with you, using the leash as a form of communication. Plus, we will discuss the social challenges of greeting neighbors, ignoring strangers and protocols around children greeting dogs on leash.  Before the ice and snow have you slip sliding behind your pulling dog, join us, and learn the art of leash walking!

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Too much togetherness?

Building Independence in a Pandemic

One hour Zoom Workshop/$25

Thanks to the pandemic, the new norm for our dogs is to be with us ALL OF THE TIME.  We are seeing more and more puppies and adult dogs (and their people!) becoming overtired and stressed due to lack of separation. A behaviorally healthy pup should be able to relax when alone.  This is a learned skill.  

Join us for information, live demos and discussion on independence training and the benefits of creating alone-time for your pups.  We will also discuss strategies to help your pup if he is already "over attached", explain what separation anxiety looks like, how to avoid it through management and training, and regardless of a pandemic, what independence games every pet parent should know and practice.

This workshop is particularly important for puppies and maturing dogs under two years of age. 


Your New Puppy

One hour Zoom Workshop

Fee: $40

Are you expecting a new puppy? Or has he arrived and excitement has turned to overwhelm? Join us to learn absolute best practices in helping your puppy acclimate to your family, deal with nipping and chewing, house train, crate train and become "socialized"? This workshop is the BEST option to start you and your puppy off on the right paw! 

In addition, we will introduce you to science-based, positive reinforcement training methods as well as answer your questions!   

Attendance in this class makes you eligible for a discounted rate for our Puppy Home School class.  

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