The Puppy Professor dog training in Glen Ellyn, IL
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Best puppy training in Glen Ellyn

How We Help

Is your dog nipping and chasing the kids? Having accidents in your house? Jumping? Hating car rides? Stealing your socks? Not coming when you call? Pulling on the leash? and more…?


The Puppy Professor will provide a framework of clear communication - you will learn to speak “dog” and your dog will understand how to live in your home. 

The Sky's the Limit

Join our group classes or schedule a private in-home session!  Reframe what "training" means to you and your dog as we explore the latest concepts and techniques in modern dog training.  Our aim is joyful learning together!



Best puppy trainer in Glen Ellyn, IL
Puppy Training

Choose private in-home training with the whole family, a small, personalized group classes, or send your puppy to day camp with a certified trainer. 

Best private dog training in Glen Ellyn, IL
Private Training

From basic manners to behavior problems, our custom training plans address your individual concerns and accommodate your busy schedule.

Best dog training classes in Glen Ellyn, IL
Group Classes

Our small and personalized group classes help you succeed. From manners to tricks, we offer fun group classes for pups of all ages.

"There is no one more qualified to be the “Puppy Professor” than Amy Saletta,   KPA-CTP!  Not all puppy classes are created equally and Amy’s classes set the standard!  It takes a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher like Amy to ensure it is done properly.  Enroll your pup in Amy’s Puppy Start Right Classes and set your pup up of for tons of fun and success!"

- Fiia Jokela, DVM, DABVP