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Is Private Dog Training for You?

For all our private sessions, you will receive:

  • Flexibility in scheduling training appointments

  • Everyone in the family can participate

  • Custom training plans that address your needs

  • Practice is incorporated into household rhythm

  • Support provided via email and phone


Drop Off - Puppy Playgroup
**Currently on hold 
Watch for upcoming dates**

For Puppies enrolled in Puppy classes
ages 9 weeks to 5 months
Class size up to 4 pups

Fee: One class $75 / Two-pack $125 / Three-pack $180
1 hour class 
Location: Glen Ellyn

Socialization. Enrichment. Off Leash Play.

Our Puppy Professors (all certified trainers) build your puppy’s confidence and optimism through carefully crafted socialization experiences including noise desensitization, introduction to novelty, balance and proprioception activities, off leash puppy interactions.  Plus we will introduce the concept of regulating arousal through calming activities including boundary games, focus games and active rest.  

Private Sessions

Private Training via Zoom Video Consultations

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New Puppy? Or need help with a new rescue or a pup with some struggles? Our private video conference (via Zoom video conferencing) will help! Our conference will identify specific challenges and training goals and address them.  Conferences will include live or video demos with my dog and will provide real-time coaching for you and your pup. Fun, efficient and easy! 

Puppy Day Camp

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Feeling overwhelmed? Try 3 hours of bliss without your puppy! We bring your puppy to our home for up to 3 hours and focus on all the things you may be struggling training, nipping, jumping, socialization, leash walking and more!

In Home (on the Patio!) Puppy Training

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(We also offer group puppy classes in several locations)


Your in-home outdoor family training sessions with the Puppy Professor will ensure your puppy receives consistent and clear information while the humans keep an appropriate social distance.   It also helps each family member develop their own strong bond with the puppy.  Your family is busy! We work with your schedule to customize a program that fits your lifestyle and we do not require that all members be present at all sessions.


Here are a few things we help teach your puppy:

  • Establish good communication

  • Reduce reprimands and scolding

  • Happy and quiet in the crate

  • Signal when he needs to "go"

  • Sit, lie down, come and stay “go to bed” and more

  • Relax and settle

  • Greeting without jumping

  • Loose leash walking


PLUS end nipping and chasing, chewing, stealing and other undesirable behaviors with problem-solving and management.

Leash Walking Solutions

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30- 60  minute sessions to discuss and practice leash handling, strategies for leash pulling, or behavior modification coaching for leash reactive dogs. Any struggles you are having on leash we can address.  

Pre-Puppy Zoom Consultations

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Before your puppy arrives let’s meet to talk about choosing your puppy, preparations for his homecoming, and how to help him transition to your family. Our conversation will be tailored to your family’s needs.


Here are some discussion points:


  • Choosing the right breed for your family

  • "Puppy proofing" and home prep for the new pup

  • Equipment and supply recommendations

  • Toys, treats and chews

  • Plan for puppy’s homecoming

  • House training and crate training instruction

  • How to make your puppy’s first night home stress free

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Older Pup Level One

For puppies ages 6 mos to adult.  Limit 6 puppies with handlers in each session

5 week series, 1 hour class
click "Purchase Now" for session dates/times
Location: Wet Nose, Geneva

This 5 week class is for dogs ages 6 months to adult. Our focus is on introducing or improving basic behaviors such as sit, down, stay, coming when called, loose leash walking.  Plus we will concentrate on building calmness, impulse control, appropriate greetings and more. For the humans - we teach you how to observe, mark and reinforce desired behavior to help your dog understand what "good manners" really means.  Registrants must provide proof of puppy’s up-to-date vaccinations.


Young Puppy Socialization

For puppies ages up to 20 weeks old.  Limit 5 puppies with handlers in each class

Single class, 2-pack or 3-pack of classes 
Each class is one hour

click "Purchase Now" for session dates/times in June
Location: Wet Nose, Geneva

Socialization. Enrichment. Off Leash Play.

 You will learn how to successfully (and POSITIVELY) socialize your puppy to things they encounter in the world. Our certified trainers help you build your puppy’s confidence and optimism through carefully crafted socialization experiences including noise desensitization, introduction to novelty, balance and proprioception activities. 

 Off leash play, in puppy pairs, will be coordinated and monitored for a safe and fun experience for you and your pup. Your pup will go home tired and happy!  Registrants must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations and negative fecal sample.

Packages for Private Training and Day Training

Whether you are interested in dropping your puppy off at the Puppy Professor's home for day training or day camp, or want to make sure you are scheduled in our calendar before we fill up, private training packages help to put your puppy's learning on the fast track to becoming the well-behaved loving companion we know they can be. 

Training Express Package

90 minute Initial Video Consult Session + (3) 60 minute Follow Up Sessions: $450

Start your pup out on the right paw.  No matter the age, in home private training helps promote the behavior you want in the place that you want it-home!  This Express package will give you the tools you need to build a great working relationship with your new puppy or adopted dog.  


Package includes:

  • 90 minute initial Video Training consultation

  • 3 - 60 minute follow up sessions (outdoors, in person with proper social distancing or via video consult)

  • 10% Discount on “Puppy Start Right” group training class

Puppy Day Camp Package

$200day or $600/3 days per week

For busy families who prefer to let the Puppy Professor do the training, this option allows your pup to spend up to 4 hours with the Puppy Professor.  His day will be a combination of socialization, enrichment, and training.  Day Camp is helpful for puppies needing additional socialization, have crate training or house training issues, need more practice with leash walking, or simply want a jump start on good behavior.

Day Training Package

$1100: 9 sessions with puppy and trainer, 3 sessions with family, puppy and trainer. Training to be completed within 3 weeks.

No time to train?  Leave the training to us!  This training package puts your puppy in the hands of a professional who will provide frequent, consistent training and socialization sessions over a 3 week period. 


Services include:

90 minute zoom video consultation where training goals will be established

(9)  60 minute training and socialization sessions (3x per week for 3 weeks) trainer with puppy. Sessions will be held outdoors or at trainer's home. 

(2)  60 minute video consult “hand off” sessions with owner  (week 2 and 3)

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"Amy is intuitive, knowledgable and kind.  She was able to read my dog’s body language and quickly determined that fear was driving her to bark and lunge. She also taught me how to let my dog, Chanel, know the world is safe and we now have a dog that is relaxed on walks."

- Kendra A.