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Group Dog Training Classes

Build a great relationship and a well-trained dog with the Puppy Professor. 

Our small and personalized group classes speed learning in a supportive environment.

Group Classes

Your New Puppy

One hour Zoom Workshop

Fee: $40

Are you expecting a new puppy? Or has he arrived and excitement has turned to overwhelm? Join us to learn absolute best practices in helping your puppy acclimate to your family, deal with nipping and chewing, house train, crate train and become "socialized"? This workshop is the BEST option to start you and your puppy off on the right paw! 

In addition, we will introduce you to science-based, positive reinforcement training methods as well as answer your questions!   

Attendance in this class makes you eligible for a discounted rate for our Puppy Home School class.  

Puppy Home School 

For puppies ages 9 weeks to 5 months.  Limit 6 puppies per weekly session.

Course Length: 5 weeks, 50 minute zoom sessions

Fee: $160

Train from the comfort of your home.  Join a group of homeschooled puppy friends for our 5-week beginner class.  We will meet over Zoom video conference for lessons and practice once weekly. Conferences will include live demos, individual coaching, and discussion. Fun for the whole family!  The skills learned in this class will lay the foundation for a strong bond of communication with your pup.  We will play games, build skills, learn socialization techniques that will last a lifetime. 

Location: VIA ZOOM 

Socialization. Enrichment. Off Leash Play.

Our Puppy Professors (all certified trainers) build your puppy’s confidence and optimism through carefully crafted socialization experiences including noise desensitization, introduction to novelty, balance and proprioception activities, off leash puppy interactions.  Plus we will introduce the concept of regulating arousal through calming activities including boundary games, focus games and active rest.  

Location: Glen Ellyn Trainer Home 


For Puppies enrolled in Puppy Home School

ages 9 weeks to 5 months * Limit 4 puppies per session

Fee: One Session $40 / Two-pack $75  / Three-pack $110

All sessions are 1 hour 

25 Day Challenge! Games that will make you "Sexier than a Squirrel"!

Self Paced Video Learning paired with video conference support for two months.

Fee: $38 (Videos are unlimited lifetime access)

For puppies ages 9 weeks to 5 months * Limit 6 puppies per weekly session


The video series teaches you games to play with your dog that promote

connection to you and disengagement from that ever so

interesting environment. So when that pesky squirrel or bird or neighbor

dog appears, it will be YOU that your dog pays attention to. In addition to

the videos, we will meet up online to discuss the games, provide

real-time demos and answer your questions.

Join the challenge! It will be fun for the whole family especially your pup!

Puppy Kindergarten - Zoom

For Puppies who have completed Puppy Home School

Course Length: 5 weeks, 40-50 minutes sessions

Fee: $160

For puppies 5 months and older who have completed "Puppy Start Right" or Puppy Home School.   We will continue to build the behaviors learned in Puppy Start Right: sit, down, come, hand target, drop it/give, settling on a mat.  Plus, we will introduce additional targeting, stay, leash walking, calm greetings and incorporate more games that will shape your pup into a creative thinker and you into a creative trainer.

Location: VIA ZOOM

Providing private dog training, puppy training, and group dog and puppy training classes in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lombard, and surrounding areas. Services include puppy day training, family dog training for kids, loose-leash walking training, puppy potty training, puppy socialization class, dog training tricks, fearful dog training, rescue dog training, and clicker training. We use positive reinforcement dog training methods. Owned by Amy Saletta, KPA CTP. 

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