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Group Dog Training Classes

Build a great relationship and a well-trained dog with the Puppy Professor. 

Our small and personalized group classes speed learning in a supportive environment.

Group Classes


Young Puppy Preschool

For puppies ages 9 weeks to 5 months.  Limit 6 puppy teams per group

Course Length: 5 consecutive weeks, 50 minute sessions
Fee: $200
Location: Glen Ellyn (in-person) or Zoom by request

Join a group of puppy friends for our 5-week Puppy Start Right beginner class.  The group will meet on week 1 via Zoom video conference for orientation, and in-person during weeks 2-5. Classes will include live demos, individual coaching, and discussion. Fun for the whole family! The skills learned in this class will lay the foundation for a strong bond of communication with your pup.  Play training games, build skills and learn socialization techniques that will last a lifetime. We also address common puppy behavioral challenges.


Older Pup Level 1

For Puppies 6 months and older. Limit 4 Teams per group
   Course Length: 5 weeks, 60-minute session
    Fee: $200
    Location: Glen Ellyn 

Did you miss out on teaching the basics during the pandemic? or looking for a solid starter class your new pup? Laying a strong foundation of positive training will help you...and your pup!  During this 5 week class, the group will meet on week 1 via Zoom video conference for orientation, and in-person during weeks 2-5.


Here are a few things you and your puppy will learn:

  • Establishing clear communication

  • Socialization 

  • Sit, lie down, come and stay “go to bed” and more

  • Relax and settle

  • Greeting without jumping

  • Intro Loose leash walking

  • Off-leash play as age and play styles permit

PLUS we address nipping and chasing, chewing, stealing and other undesirable behaviors.


Puppy Kindergarten 

For Puppies who have completed Young Puppy Preschool, Pandemic Puppy or Older Pup Level 1

Course Length: 5 weeks, 50 minutes sessions

Fee: $200
Location: Glen Ellyn and Lombard

Choose this class if you have completed Puppy Preschool, Pandemic Puppy or Older Pup Level 1.   We will continue to build the behaviors learned in our beginner classes: sit, down, come, hand target, drop it/give, settling on a mat.  Plus, we will introduce additional targeting, stay, leash walking, calm greetings and incorporate more games that will shape your pup into a creative thinker and you into a creative trainer.


*Currently on hold...watch for dates in 2022

For Puppies enrolled in our Puppy School
ages 9 weeks to 5 months * Limit 4 puppies per session

   Fee: One Session $75 / Two-pack $125 / Three-pack $180
   All sessions are 1 hour  
   Location: Glen Ellyn Trainer Home 

Socialization. Enrichment. Off Leash Play.

Our Puppy Professors (all certified trainers) build your puppy’s confidence and optimism through carefully crafted socialization experiences including noise desensitization, introduction to novelty, balance and proprioception activities, off leash puppy interactions.  Plus we will introduce the concept of regulating arousal through calming activities including boundary games, focus games and active rest.